How to be a ‘giant’ in the tf2 engineering industry

Engineer’s are the heart and soul of an industry.If you’re an engineer, you’re the heart, soul, and lungs of the industry.The work of engineering is hard.But the work of the engineering profession has been rewarded with millions of dollars in earnings and a growing fan base.The best way to be an engineer is to know how to excel.But if you […]

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‘The Fascist Mindset’ author Andrew Breitbart’s ‘the Fascist mindset’ explains his views on American fascism

Breitbart is an unlikely icon of the “alt-right,” a movement that emerged in reaction to Trump’s election and has been associated with white nationalism and anti-Semitism.But it is also the author of the now-infamous, first-person essay “The Fascists Mindset,” a series of articles that became the template for what is now known as the “Alt-Right.”A self-described alt-right, the group of […]

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