How to build a chess engine with oil change

The world of chess engines has evolved from the idea of placing a king in a position where he can easily take an opponent’s king and move it forward, to the notion of placing the king in such a way that it can be moved forward in a way so that it cannot be attacked by a king from behind.In […]

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What to know about computer engineering jobs in 2018

What to Know About Computer Engineering Jobs in 2018 – By the Numbers 1.1 million US job openings are open every month 2.8 million new graduates enter the workforce every year 3.4 million US businesses and individuals employ computer scientists 4.1% of all computer scientists are male 5.4% of the top 1% of US software engineers are women Source The […]

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How to make your own Google Chrome cheat engine

The sound engineer for the popular video game Doom 3 is a well-known video game sound engineer.However, the sound engineer behind the Doom engine is a man named Mark Boulton, who goes by the name of Mark.Boulson has been working on Doom 3 for about 20 years, and the Doom 3 sound effects team was his first to get a […]

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