Which job is best for a software engineer?

Today, we’re talking about software engineering jobs.What should you do for a career in software engineering?Let’s take a look.A software engineer is the person who develops software for applications, websites, and mobile applications.There are a variety of skills needed in software development, including:Understanding of the software development processUnderstanding of tools and processesKnowledge of computer science and the internetSoftware engineers also […]

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How to make a small engine with an engine block design and hardware

Today I am going to discuss the design of a small, lightweight, energy-efficient, low-power small engine that can run on electricity.I have a long history of designing engines for commercial, industrial, and military applications.When I was working for a company called DX Engineering in the 1990s, I designed an electric engine that would run on batteries.This is a small version […]

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How to build a fully electric Formula E car

A new car could soon be ready to race in Formula E, thanks to a new research project from University of California, Irvine.The UCI has developed a new hybrid engine that uses a high-pressure gas turbine to produce the electrical power for the car.This technology is similar to the technology that powers electric cars.The University of Southern California and the […]

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