What is your search engine ranking?

I’m trying to find out how many people on my search engine actually visit me.This isn’t the same thing as getting more traffic to my site, but it’s an indicator of the relative success of a search engine in ranking for me.The top search engine for searches for keywords like “porsche” has an average rank of 12.4, and the bottom […]

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Tech execs have a new idea for helping companies hire more tech engineers

Tech exec and engineering intern Matt Langer, who was an executive with Twitter, is joining Google to lead engineering interns.Langer is a former Twitter vice president who was the company’s director of engineering, where he oversaw the engineering team and helped recruit engineering talent.Langers current role at Google was to oversee engineering talent hiring and growth.The tech giant also announced […]

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Search engines get ‘bark’ from NFL team’s search engine

The NFL has been accused of creating a bad environment for search engines and has been criticized for not enforcing its own guidelines on search engines, which are supposed to ensure search engines can’t get in the way of the game.In its complaint, the National Football League’s National Search Engine Association said that the league has created a hostile environment […]

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