Steelseries announces new engine for new SUV, says it will ‘make it the future’

The new SUV Steelsierz from GM is set to hit showrooms later this month, and the automaker is touting the new engine as “the future of mobility”.GM is making the engine up to the tune of $300,000, which it said will allow it to “make it possible for future generations of vehicles to be built on a production line”.The engine […]

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Airline workers have been complaining of ‘work stoppages’ in 2018, with some claiming they have been forced to work overtime and travel outside their homes

Workers in a small airline in northern China have complained of ‘downtime’ and ‘workouts’ during the past year as they work for a company in the U.S. and other Asian markets.The China Airline Workers Union said on Monday that some workers have had to work from home because their homes were too cold to operate aircraft.The union said on its […]

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When does your Ritchie’s Ritchie start up?

Updated July 13, 2018 05:05:25 The Irish media have been reporting that Ritchie Sommers is preparing for a new life at his current job as an engineering professor at the University of Dublin.This news came via the Twitter account of Ritchie & Co., the engineering consultancy that employs him.The tweets were deleted from the account soon after, but they were […]

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