What to do if your CPU overheats and you don�t want to take it to the hospital

It�s a common sight on the highways and in the office: a fan blowing coolant over a car or car-truck, or a driver dropping the throttle and letting it sputter.But the fan blowing air over your computer can cause serious problems if it�s not properly controlled.If you get a sudden, hot blast of air, it can cause your computer to […]

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When does your Ritchie’s Ritchie start up?

Updated July 13, 2018 05:05:25 The Irish media have been reporting that Ritchie Sommers is preparing for a new life at his current job as an engineering professor at the University of Dublin.This news came via the Twitter account of Ritchie & Co., the engineering consultancy that employs him.The tweets were deleted from the account soon after, but they were […]

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