When it comes to fuel economy, you can’t go wrong with a Mitsubishi LTT-1 engine

Mitsubishis LTT engines are the only engines in the world capable of producing over 50mpg, a feat not accomplished by many others.Mitsubushi engineers are keen to dispel any confusion surrounding the LTT engine and explain that the fuel efficiency is not dependent on the fuel consumption of the vehicle.The LTT is one of the first engines that was designed by […]

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How to make a kohler engine, a lot of fun

You may have heard of a certain kohlers engine before.It’s a big, old diesel engine that sits at the heart of many of our cars.It is also one of the most commonly used engines on a lot’s of vehicles.When you buy a car, you buy it because you know you want a diesel engine in it.And, yes, it has an […]

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