What’s next for diesel engines

I’m about to give you an update on what’s going on in the world of diesel engines, but first, let’s talk about why they’re important.Diesel engines make up a huge portion of the global economy.As the name implies, they use a combination of hydrocarbons and CO2 to produce heat and power.Diesel engine manufacturers rely on a few different processes to […]

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How the US can build a car with the power of an engine

In 2017, there were almost 400,000 vehicles on the roads worldwide.Most were hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, but there were also plenty of hybrids.These hybrids were designed to take advantage of electric vehicles technology.They were often referred to as plug-ins, but the term was not used to describe the cars until the early 2020s.The first hybrid electric car […]

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What you need to know about robots and AI

Mechanical engineers, software developers and data scientists are all in for a shock when they move into a world where computers can do things that humans cannot.They will have to deal with the reality of artificial intelligence and robotics that is going to be unleashed on our lives.As the first wave of machines take over, these positions will change the […]

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