How to make a kohler engine, a lot of fun

You may have heard of a certain kohlers engine before.It’s a big, old diesel engine that sits at the heart of many of our cars.It is also one of the most commonly used engines on a lot’s of vehicles.When you buy a car, you buy it because you know you want a diesel engine in it.And, yes, it has an […]

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Engineers at NASA and NASA’s commercial division get $1.3 million per year

NASA is hiring engineers at its commercial space agency, but those engineers will not be getting the $1,300 per hour they are paid.That’s because NASA has a separate engineering program, called Commercial Crew Program, that is paid to engineers from other NASA agencies and foreign countries.That program has no cap on the number of engineers it can hire, and is […]

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Inside the Trump administration’s budget blueprint: ‘A complete failure’

The budget blueprint unveiled Wednesday lays out a blueprint to make America great again, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Paris climate agreement and leave the U.S. open to global warming.The blueprint outlines a $5 trillion plan to fight climate change, expand jobs, invest in infrastructure and boost economic growth.But Trump’s move has left some members of his […]

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