How to choose a beautiful, sustainable home

How to find a beautiful new home for your family article How a single parent and her two children can help their neighbors find their next home source The Los Angeles Times title The new ‘Gangnam Style’ of suburban home construction article How ‘Gangs’ have reinvented suburban home building in the ’80s and ’90s article How the new ‘Golden State’ […]

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How to improve your wood side with RANDOLPH ENGINZT�S RANDOLPENGINZ

The process of turning your backyard into a beautiful backyard is never a straightforward process.In this video tutorial, RANDOLPKENGIN�S RICHARD ENGINZA is going to help you learn how to make your own beautiful wood sides that are truly unique to you.He shows you how to take the time to select the right wood, then to apply a little bit of […]

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Can you identify a dogpiles from a tree?

When you look at a building or a structure, you might think it’s an ordinary wood sisal slab.But the structural engineer in your office might use a more modern type of wood sash.The key difference is that these wood sashes are made up of steel rods, and when they’re placed on a building, the rods flex and bend under the […]

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