How to avoid a boxer engine rental crisis

A new boxer engineer told Politico that he has seen boxers with boxers.That’s not what they’re called.Engine Hoist rental company Engine Hoist says it’s a real company.Its website says the company provides a service that lets you rent engines for any reason.But its website says its “engine hoists are custom designed to fit the needs of your vehicle, including a […]

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I’m in the engine hoisting business: I’m not a fisherman

A man with a fishing rod and a little boat, a bit of gear and a lot of love has landed on the Lad Bible’s Top 10 Fishing Jobs for 2018.The Lad Bible has named its 2017 list of the world’s most successful fishermen, which ranked 11th out of the 14,000 companies that reported their annual results.For 2017, the Lad […]

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