When Google’s search engine loses its relevance, why do conservatives keep using it?

The conservative search engine Google was once a major force in conservative news.Now, however, the company has struggled with an overabundance of competitors and the growing threat of social media.A growing number of conservatives are taking a page from Facebook’s playbook, opting to use Google to search for conservative news, videos and other conservative content.They are taking their sites to […]

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The ‘V10’ engine that could revolutionize electric cars

A team of scientists and engineers is working to develop a super-powerful electric car that could radically change the world.The V10 engine could revolutionise the way electric cars operate, as it could be developed for use on public roads, by building on top of a battery pack.The engine was designed to drive a car without the need for a battery, […]

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How to find the best electrical engineer salaries in Canada

How to determine the best electric engineer salaries and what they mean for you?Here’s how to find out.Read More , and the UK’s National Grid is also working on a similar system.In addition to a set of incentives for students who are good candidates for the jobs, a new apprenticeship scheme will be introduced that is similar to the British […]

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