UK financial engineering firm Domestic Engineering to be bought by private equity firm Investec

UK financial engineers will be made redundant and replaced by the US firm Domestically Engineered, the UK government has announced.Domestic Engineering will become part of the investment firm Investeco, and its new owner will be the private equity group Investec Capital.The UK government says the change will help to increase UK exports and cut tax bills.Investec says it is a […]

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How to replace your car engine

The next big thing in car technology, the electric vehicle, is expected to change the world of mobility.We’ve seen EVs transform the way people move around and the ways we can transport, and the next thing to change is how you power them.And this article will show you how to replace an engine, but this time around, you’ll need a […]

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When the U.S. is the worst in the world: What is going on?

The U.K., the United States and Germany are the three worst countries in the industrial world, according to the Global Competitiveness Report, which evaluates factors such as productivity and competitiveness.The U .K. and Germany have a score of 79 and 77, respectively, on the index, according the U .S. and Canada were ranked at 79 and 70 respectively.China and India, […]

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What the heck is a combustion engine?

Engine manufacturers, the automotive industry, and even the United States government have been debating the nature of combustion engines for more than 150 years.And now, in a landmark report published today, a coalition of scientists has finally settled on the answer: a tiny engine that runs on air, and that doesn’t need a lot of fuel.The result is a small […]

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