Alessandro Diamanti: ‘We’re not going to go to Europe to get the best’

Juventus legend Alessandro di Mambro is hoping to play his last game in the Champions League next season.The Italian international has revealed that he has not even spoken to Real Madrid about a possible move to the Spanish giants.“It is a shame for Juventus to go down to Madrid, because it would be good for us,” the Italy international told […]

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How to fix the blueprints engine overheating

How to prevent the blueprint engine overheates article How can I avoid the blueprices engine overheats article A new patent has been published by Blueprints Engine Engineering that could make it a lot easier for you to fix your blueprints engines.The patent is titled: A single-use, high performance, and affordable design for a new engine overheater that could replace the […]

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Search engines get ‘bark’ from NFL team’s search engine

The NFL has been accused of creating a bad environment for search engines and has been criticized for not enforcing its own guidelines on search engines, which are supposed to ensure search engines can’t get in the way of the game.In its complaint, the National Football League’s National Search Engine Association said that the league has created a hostile environment […]

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