How the search engine industry is changing

The search engine business is changing in a big way.The rise of social media, video, and online video has created a world where the ability to discover information is a more pressing concern than ever.As a result, the search market is undergoing a dramatic transformation.The latest data from comScore shows that the number of searches performed by Americans rose to […]

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Why the US has the highest proportion of unemployed people in the world

The US has more unemployed people than any other country in the industrialized world, according to a new study.It also has the world’s highest proportion in terms of people aged between 25 and 54 without a job.According to the study, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the US had more than 1.4 million jobless people in October […]

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When the U.S. is the worst in the world: What is going on?

The U.K., the United States and Germany are the three worst countries in the industrial world, according to the Global Competitiveness Report, which evaluates factors such as productivity and competitiveness.The U .K. and Germany have a score of 79 and 77, respectively, on the index, according the U .S. and Canada were ranked at 79 and 70 respectively.China and India, […]

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