How to replace your car engine

The next big thing in car technology, the electric vehicle, is expected to change the world of mobility.We’ve seen EVs transform the way people move around and the ways we can transport, and the next thing to change is how you power them.And this article will show you how to replace an engine, but this time around, you’ll need a […]

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How to drive your car with the most bang for your buck

Posted November 12, 2018 10:20:03 The new-for-2018 Audi A4 comes with a slew of new technologies including the new 4.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine, which was previously available only in the Q5 and Q7 models.In the A4, it now features a new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.The A4 has also become the first Audi to offer an electric version of the A3 […]

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How to get a computer engineer job

Engine software engineer salaries and benefits can be hard to find in the field.But according to a report published by research firm Cascadia Research, the average salary for a computer engineering job in the United States is $81,500.This salary figure is far above the average US salary of $59,300, and it is also a bit below the average UK salary […]

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