The codename for the next wave is “Viper”, a reference to the fictional Viper Viper Viper, and the “Sucker” is the codename for the upcoming Google-built “Slimphone”.

The Sucker is set to be announced later this month, but Google is also set to reveal a new version of the “Vipers” phone on Tuesday, November 12, the company has revealed.

The new codenaming is a direct response to the widespread speculation about the future of the Google phone.

While some of the speculation was based on speculation about how Google will handle the company’s relationship with Android, it was a more personal, and rather dark, story.

Ive heard a lot about the upcoming “Sizzle”, and this new codename reflects a lot of that speculation.

Viper is the name of a character in the X-Men comics.

Sucker is a reference from the popular Netflix series “House of Cards”.

Slim Phone is an acronym for “Small and Tall”, a title for the Google Glass project.

“Viper” was originally a codename of the Motorola Droid line of smartphones, but the company discontinued those models shortly after their introduction in 2013.

Google has not publicly said when the new version will be launched, but it has hinted at its existence for months.

Some of the other codenamed phones have already been announced, including the Google Pixel and the Google Home, but none of the major smartphone makers have unveiled any of their own codenoms yet.

On Monday, Google unveiled its first major hardware codename, codenabled as “S-Tune”.

This new codenum is expected to be released sometime this year.

There are a lot more things to know about Google’s new hardware codelensets, including specifications, software features, and pricing.

What are you waiting for?

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