The job market is getting hotter, and chemists are having to adapt to it.

That’s according to the U.S. Chemical Engineering Association, which is calling for a new career that’s focused on chemical engineering.

The new career, called chemical engineering graduate assistant, would help students with an understanding of the chemical properties and processes involved in producing chemical products, like cleaning fluids, chemicals for medicine, and even chemicals for the environment.

Chemists would get a real-world exposure to the processes that go into the production of products that help them solve problems like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

It would also help the students with a practical grounding in chemistry that would help them become leaders in the field.

This could mean more jobs for chemist students, said Jim Leggett, president of the UGA’s Chemical Engineering Department.

Chemical engineering grad assistants are also considered a better fit for students who want to be in chemistry majors.

They also have better chances of getting hired at top chemical engineering firms.

“Chemical engineering grad assistant is going to be a much better fit because we know these students are going to get jobs in the chemical engineering field, and they’re going to find out that there are a lot of good chemical engineers in this field,” Leggitt said.

Chemical engineers, also known as chemical chemists, are chemical engineers who specialize in the creation of chemicals and other materials.

They often work with their hands, as opposed to chemicals in the laboratory.

It’s a skill that’s particularly valuable for students like Legget, who has been in the industry for almost a decade.

He said the skills he’s honed over that time will help students who are interested in going into chemical engineering or chemical engineering grad school to find a better job.

“They are more likely to get a better position because of what they know, the experience that they have, and how well they understand the process,” Legergett said.

“You can have chemistry in a lab, but if you’re working with chemicals, you need to be working with them.

They have to understand the chemistry in the way that it works.”

Leggett said it’s important that the students who join chemical engineering jobs understand that it’s not all about chemistry.

He also said that the job market for chemical engineers is growing and that they need to prepare students for the challenges of the field and the opportunities in the future.

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