Google has been experimenting with using artificial intelligence (AI) to build a new type of search engine for the internet that will be able to do things like “Find” an entire company in minutes instead of hours, according to people familiar with the matter.

The search giant has been testing Google Cloud Search on a handful of companies and their teams, these people said.

It has also been working on a prototype of the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, the software that will allow Google to do deep learning with machine learning and other techniques, these sources said.

The idea is to allow Google’s machine learning algorithms to do more than just find information about businesses and brands, they said.

The engine would be able tell if an entire team is working on projects related to their business, or if a certain part of the team has a specific role or is a core developer, they added.

These kinds of deep-learning-driven search tools could eventually enable Google to learn more about its users’ interests, habits, and interests than Google itself, the people said, asking not to be named because they were not authorized to speak to the company.

Google has been working with companies on the development of these kinds of search engines since at least 2016, these the people familiar said.

This could be the first time Google has used AI to build its own machine learning tools.

It’s possible that Google has begun experimenting with a cloud-based AI platform that will run Google Cloud Engine or similar tools to make it easier to deploy, these those familiar with Google’s work said.

Google said in a blog post last month that it had built its own deep learning engine to run on top of the popular open source open-source Caffe framework that was the basis for many of its other artificial intelligence products.

Caffe was a widely used open-sourced artificial intelligence framework used in other open source software.

It was a move that some have questioned, but Google said the technology was built to work with its other deep learning tools, including Google Cloud Data, and Google Cloud Vision.

It also said the new AI tool was built for the “unprecedented scale and breadth” of its data set and “continued to leverage Google’s deep learning infrastructure.”

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The company has been developing Google Cloud Datasets since last year, and has been using the open source technology to run a number of its AI projects.

Google Cloud Data was one of the first open-Source tools to be used by Google and other companies to run AI projects, and is now being used by other companies.

Google also uses Google Cloud Code, the code-based platform for the machine learning projects that it uses to build many of the other AI projects in its cloud infrastructure.

Google’s AI project also has its own codename: Caffe, which comes from the code for Google’s own neural network code, according the people who know about the project.

The project has been in development for at least two years, according Google, but was only publicly revealed last week.

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