Apple has added new features in the @bmo source Recoding article Apple added some new features and UI elements to its bmo app in the last week, according to a tweet from Apple’s head of iOS development and engineering, Paul Geddes.

Geddes tweeted that the new features include “a way to edit the color of the font you see in the bmo editor, better keyboard support, better autofill, new emoji and more.”

Apple also added support for the new Apple Pencil, which it described as “a high-performance stylus for writing in the Apple Pen.”

Gedds said the new additions to the bbmo app include a new way to create a custom app, new keyboard shortcuts, better font rendering, a new app icon, and support for iPad Pro.

The developer added that the app will be available in the next few weeks.

The developer of the b20 app confirmed that it has a release date for the app, which was originally scheduled for March 25, but it was postponed by Apple.

Gedds also said the app is available in French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

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