Tech exec and engineering intern Matt Langer, who was an executive with Twitter, is joining Google to lead engineering interns.

Langer is a former Twitter vice president who was the company’s director of engineering, where he oversaw the engineering team and helped recruit engineering talent.

Langers current role at Google was to oversee engineering talent hiring and growth.

The tech giant also announced a new program that will help recruit engineering interns from startups.

Google announced a pilot program earlier this year that will provide tech interns a small stipend to attend a tech internship.

The company also said it would help students who are applying for internships in the field of engineering with a scholarship.

“We want our students to be able to find their way in the world,” said Eric Shaffer, the president of Google Engineering, in a statement.

The internship program is open to anyone who is applying for a Google Engineer or a Google Developer Internship.

The program will be open to people with at least four years of work experience, with the first two years of their career spent working in engineering.

The first year of a Google engineer’s internship will give them the chance to work on the engineering side of Google.

The second year of their internship will allow them to work with engineers from outside the company.

The interns will also get to work in their local area and interact with other engineers and Google’s engineers.

Google also said its program will provide opportunities for engineering interns to learn new skills.

The Google engineering internship program will last for six months and will pay $60 per month.

Lander said he plans to use the money from the internship to help pay for college.

“I want to make sure that I can bring my family here so they can learn the skills that I need to become a tech engineer,” he said.

Lancer said the internships will help the company reach out to engineers who are interested in starting a company.

“It’s a great opportunity to bring these talented engineers to Google,” he added.

Tech executives are working on several initiatives to help recruit more engineers.

Tech companies including Google, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft and Amazon are investing millions of dollars in new hiring.

Companies also have been investing in hiring engineers to develop new products.

Microsoft announced a program in February that will give engineering students an opportunity to learn from a tech leader.

The Microsoft program will pay students a $30 stipend for the first year, and $30 per month thereafter.

Google’s program will also pay students $15 per month for the initial year of the program and $15 for the next six months.

Google said it will also offer students a chance to become engineers at Google and then later at other tech companies.

Lager said he’s excited to see the company take a new approach to engineering recruitment.

“The people we hire are the best, the most innovative people in the tech industry,” he told Mashable.

“They’re not going to leave and go elsewhere.”

Google’s intern program is part of a broader program the company announced earlier this month to help attract engineers.

It said it has more than 500 engineering students who have applied for engineering intern positions at Google, and the company is now working to hire more.

The engineering program, which has more students in the program than the program that offers a summer internship at the company, will continue to be open.

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