Intel and Valve are teaming up to build artificial intelligence applications and services.

The news comes after Valve announced a collaboration with Intel to support the development of its Machine Learning Framework.

Valve is partnering with Intel’s AI division to bring its new AI platform to Intel’s processors.

The announcement of the collaboration came just days after Valve released its first AI SDK, which can be downloaded on Intel’s new Xeon Phi platform.

The Intel AI SDK will enable developers to build custom applications that harness Machine Learning techniques, and can be used to leverage Machine Learning to build AI applications and solutions for customers.

The company says that the Intel AI Platform is the first commercial solution for building AI solutions that leverage Machine learning.

“This collaboration will enable us to work together on the next generation of Machine Learning,” says Tom Chilton, VP of AI and AI at Intel.

“The Intel AI platform will enable companies and researchers to create and deliver AI applications, which are more accurate, more responsive and more intelligent.

This new platform is a great fit for Intel’s Machine Learning Platform, which will help developers build applications that leverage AI capabilities to improve their businesses.”

In addition to the Intel Xeon Phi Platform, Valve has been collaborating with Intel for the past year on a new Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Xe) and Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor (XQ4).

This new Intel platform will also be used for the upcoming Intel Xtreme Technology Xeon Phi CPU.

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