By now you’ve probably seen this clip from the movie Interstellar.

But the scene was actually shot with a different camera, so it was never made into a movie.

Here’s what you need to know about it.1.

Interstellar was filmed in 16 days instead of the typical 2 days.2.

The camera was designed to work in daylight, so the stars were always in a slightly different position than they were in daylight.3.

The filmmakers used an optical trick to shoot the stars on different sides of the Earth instead of one on top of the other.4.

The stars are aligned in the stars chart, which is an online map of the heavens.5.

They filmed in a dark area of the planet where the sun’s rays hit the surface of the atmosphere.6.

The star field was so large, they had to adjust the angle of the camera every few seconds to adjust for stars that moved around the globe.7.

They used a lens that had a large aperture.8.

The film is a digital image that has been compressed down to 1080p and then converted to audio and then to a DVD.9.

The actors did not have any dialogue.10.

The footage was shot in a very narrow corridor, with a big door leading to a dark room with nothing in it.11.

The scenes were shot in real time, so no actors or makeup were required to make the scenes seem like they were happening in real life.12.

The movie is called Interstellar, and the star chart is called the “lodges chart”.13.

Interstellar is about an astronaut who is stranded on a desert planet.

In real life, it’s more like the desert.

The real planets are much more crowded.14.

The entire film is shot in 3D, but it was shot on a 35mm camera.15.

The cinematography is incredible.

You’ll see the stars moving around the screen.16.

The whole movie is filmed in 360-degree panoramas, so you can see all the planets and stars moving through space.17.

You can see the planets from a distance of about 20,000 miles.18.

The story is about the astronaut who was stranded on the planet and is trying to find a way home.

He has a few problems to solve, but the main character is always the best person to help him solve his problems.19.

Interstellar has no real villains.

Everyone is kind and reasonable and has a big heart.

They are all just trying to survive.

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