The latest job openings for engineers and computer scientists in the United States are expected to be posted on the Federal Register Wednesday, with more than 40,000 postings to be made available for the first time since a temporary moratorium on hiring was implemented last month.

The Federal Register posted more than 8,000 openings for “technical” jobs, which include “computer science, computer engineering, computer networking, computer information systems, network technology, and information technology,” as of early Wednesday morning, with a total of almost 37,000 jobs available.

The top three positions listed for the technical positions include “Software Engineer,” “Systems Engineer,” and “System Architect,” with about 6,000 positions available.

A separate posting for “Engineer Software Engineer” was available.

Meanwhile, the top three jobs for “systems engineering” include “System Manager,” “Software Development Engineer,” or “System Developer,” with 7,600 positions available, and a “Software Engineering Engineer” posting is available.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order prohibiting the hiring of people who have been convicted of domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual assault, which also temporarily halted the hiring freeze on the federal government.

The order was widely seen as a temporary measure that would allow people with criminal records to return to work, but it also created an incentive for people to resume their job searches, which has been a major source of job openings in the tech industry.

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