If you’ve ever wanted to own a boat-engine-powered Corvette, you’re in luck.

That’s because Corvette enthusiast Mike Smith has just announced his plans to build a mid-engine Corvette on his home in California.

Smith is building the mid-sized Corvette, which he hopes will be available as a production model by the end of 2019.

He’s already received $50,000 in funding from an early supporter of his project, the California Coastal Commission.

But there are still a few hurdles to clear before Smith can ship his first Corvette to the U.S.

He plans to ship the Corvette to Newport Beach, California, where the Corvette was built.

Smith’s goal is to sell the car at a price between $80,000 and $90,000, depending on the condition of the boat.

That price could easily drop to $50 or even $60,000 once Smith finishes the build.

It’s the sort of project that Smith has been working on for the last five years.

He and his wife, Emily, have lived in Newport Beach for about a year, so they have lots of experience in building and operating boats.

Their son, Logan, is the engine builder for the boat’s boat.

Smith hopes to build the mid engine corvettes on a 1,200-acre property called Newport Beach.

He is also building a large boat-plane engine in the back of the home that he plans to install on the boat and use to power the Corvette.

The home he’s building is a big shed with a pool and swimming pool.

It’s surrounded by lush landscaping, including a pond and trees planted to make the property look more like a natural spring.

Smith hopes to put the boat-engines on a pier that will be used to power a boat.

There, he plans on using the boat to propel the Corvette from one end of the property to the other.

In addition to the boat engine, Smith is building a second boat engine.

It will be powered by a 300-horsepower engine that’s similar to the one used in the mid model Corvette.

He plans to use the engine to propel a larger boat engine from the home to the Corvette at the end.

He said that the new engine will be built on a smaller platform that will allow him to build both engines from the ground up.

The boat engine will have a top speed of about 20 knots and be able to produce up to 4,000 horsepower.

It also has a top drag coefficient of 2.0, which means it can be steered with less steering effort than other engines.

The engine will also be able use high-pressure hydraulic pumps to make up for its limited engine capacity.

He hopes to sell these engines for between $20,000 to $30,000.

He’ll have to raise a lot of capital to make this happen.

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