Vice News: Google, the Internet’s top search engine, has emerged as the number one online content provider, according to TorrentFreak’s latest ranking of top online content services.

The data is based on search traffic volume for each company and shows Google has overtaken Facebook as the largest online content market in the world.

TorrentFreaks data shows Google is now responsible for more than 80% of all search traffic and overtook Facebook in 2015.

The data is derived from search volume, and doesn’t take into account a number of different factors that could impact Google’s position in the search rankings, including how much traffic a company gets from other search engines.

TorrentFreak ranked the top 10 websites based on traffic volume in terms of search traffic, revenue, and traffic for each website, including revenue from ads.

The companies in the top ten were then ranked based on revenue per user and traffic per day, based on how many users each website had at the time of publication.

Google’s position has been boosted by its growing share of search volume.

Google had revenue of $1.3 trillion in the fourth quarter, which is the most since the third quarter of 2012, according the company.

However, the company reported in its most recent earnings report that its search volume in the last quarter was $2.8 trillion, a slight increase from the $2 trillion it reported in the third-quarter.

Google also reported revenue growth of 26% in the quarter, and its revenue from advertising dropped by 10% in its fourth quarter.

The company has been investing heavily in search and its advertising platforms, especially on mobile.

The company is also adding more ads in the past few years to its search algorithm.

Google recently began requiring search engine operators to make their ads relevant to specific search queries, which it said would boost search results.

It has also been pushing into digital content, releasing the first digital movie trailers in a decade.

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