By Steve McManusThe engine of Tecumseth’s TecumSeh, a hybrid car, will remain in development for another six years.

The Tecumselh’s twin-turbocharged engine is among the world’s most advanced, producing over 100bhp and displacing over 3,000cc.

It is now a world leader in engine design and technology, with a track record of developing high-performance engines that can outperform their rivals.

Its successor, the Tecumsea, will be a much smaller, less powerful engine with a power output of just 120bhp.

The two engines share the same design but the Tecums powertrain is different to that of the Tecuras, meaning that the engine has a different compressor.

It will be developed under the auspices of Renault, which is building a large car-sharing network in South Africa, to complement the service of the Toyota Motor Corporation.

This is not the first time Renault has partnered with Toyota in South African motor sport.

The company has designed and manufactured engines for the Renault Clio, Renault Cliks, Renault Twingo, Renault Focus, Renault Tiguan, Renault Sport, Renault Xterra and Renault Academie for its customers, and the two-seat car was used in the Formula One Grand Prix at the end of last year.

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