Posted December 06, 2018 12:18:50Minecraft: The first game by Mojang and a sequel to Minecraft: Story Mode, is now available to download on Steam.

The game is a “first person” VR game that uses the HTC Vive headset.

In an interview with Polygon, Lead Animators Timo Lämmer and Kristian Schulze-Bäckner explain the process of creating a game in VR.

Lämmers was responsible for the concept art, and Schulzes job included the animation.

The pair went through a few iterations, and eventually they decided on the basic mechanics of the game.

The game is based on Minecraft, and it’s a story-driven experience.

You start out as a small village with a bunch of villagers who need to gather ingredients for a giant stone axe.

After gathering the ingredients, you’re able to build an axe to destroy the giant stone.

It takes a while, but you eventually manage to destroy all the stone blocks, and you’re rewarded with a big reward.

The main quest is “The Big Adventure,” which can take players on a series of adventures across the land.

The two of them are also the only people who know about the game, and they’re also the ones who can make the most progress in the game and reach the end of the story.

Here’s a brief summary of the adventure in the trailer:In the teaser, you can see that the main quest takes players to a number of different places, including a cave where they find an ancient sword.

They can also reach a mysterious lake that’s covered in a layer of moss that seems to be made of water.

There’s also a cave with a strange-looking creature.

There are also a bunch more places to explore.

In the trailer, there’s also some dialogue with the characters, and we can hear them discussing various topics such as how to start a fire and how to construct a building.

Läms comments on how he wanted the player to feel like they were really doing the quest.

“The idea was that you could take it from a point of view of a human character, and then you’d be able to create your own little story.

You would be able create your world and then see how the world reacts to your choices,” Lämmers said.”

You could feel like you were actually in the world, and that the world was telling you something.

And it could tell you more about the world in general, and how things worked together.

And that is a very exciting feeling.

We wanted to feel a sense of presence, and I think that’s really exciting for people to be able play that kind of game.”

The developers also explained that the game’s world is also an extension of Minecraft itself, so you can explore the game world even when you don’t have the Vive headset on.

The creators have even been able to make some changes to the game to make it easier to use.

The full game is available for download for $15.

Mojang has also updated the Steam Store to include an option to play the game offline, but it’s still not available on the Vive yet.

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