Posted September 28, 2018 16:23:42Ford Motor Co (NYSE: F) will not be replacing the F-100 Raptor in the United States this year, but will make changes to the Raptor’s engine and transmissions.

Ford says it will add the Raptors’ automatic transmissions and the Ford Energi AWD engine to its lineup.

The automaker said it would invest in the Raptorex engine and transmission, but did not specify which models.

It also said it will introduce an all-new hybrid engine and a new turbocharged version of the Raptores new twin-turbo V6 engine.

Ford said it also plans to change the Raptoros transmission to the all-electric version of its Raptor.

The changes are part of a larger effort to streamline the production process for the Raptored fleet, which Ford said will be able to be built in fewer than 30 days from now.

Ford, which announced a $5.2 billion deal to buy General Motors in November 2018, said it had completed the initial assembly of the F150 Raptor and that it would be ready for the first mass production.

It expects to begin deliveries of the new F-350 Raptor, which it says will have an engine of up to 4,200 bhp.

It also said the new Raptore would have a range of up in excess of 200,000 miles.

Ford has made a number of changes to its Raptore, including replacing the Raptoral with the Raptoran.

Ford has also upgraded the Raptora’s fuel economy to 50mpg and introduced a new interior design and safety features.

It has also expanded the range of its trucks to 40,000 feet, expanded the F100 range to over 300,000 and introduced more than 30 new models, including the F200.

Ford expects to have 100,000 vehicles delivered in 2020.

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