New York City has a big electric car market, but what do the most powerful EVs have in common?

If you ask Nissan, they’ll tell you it has the most power.

The Leaf has 476 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.

That’s a lot of torque for a small car, but it’s not a lot to go around, especially when it’s a midsize hatchback.

That power output comes with a price tag.

The standard Leaf will set you back $31,000.

That includes a $1,200 upfront payment and a $2,500 installation fee, but there’s a catch.

The dealer can sell you the EV for $28,500 and you’ll still need to pay an additional $1 per kWh, and that’s if you buy the Leaf at the same time you can get a $4,000 lease.

You’ll also need to buy an additional charger and battery pack, and the monthly payment is $1.50 a month for the battery pack.

The $1 a month is a bit high for a midsized hatchback, but if you’re going to pay that amount for the Leaf, you’d better find a car that can match that price.

We’re also not sure if there’s anything wrong with charging a Leaf at home or in the car park.

The car doesn’t come with a charger and the battery is sold separately.

The price of the battery varies depending on the model, so if you get a cheaper model, you may have to shell out more.

But if you like the look of a nice, powerful electric car, the Nissan EV EV will have you in the driving seat.

Read more about the Leaf and Nissan’s pricing strategy here.

Forget the price If you’re planning on taking the EV out on the road, the best way to go is with a brand new lease.

New leases can be cheap and flexible, but you’ll want to be sure to take the vehicle to a dealership to have it inspected and checked for leaks before you get your vehicle on the roads.

New Leaf buyers can buy the lease for $25,000 or more, but that’s not the best option for a new car buyer.

The only way to get a lease is to purchase a Nissan LEAF and lease it for $35,000, which is a lot less than you can save by leasing the car yourself.

Nissan has a few more incentives available for buyers of the Leaf.

Nissan offers a $500 discount on the standard lease, but the deal only lasts through October 2020.

If you have the $2 per kWh option and you want to save money, you’ll have to pay $1 more a month.

That could mean you’ll pay $3,500 or more a year, but at least it’s going to be a more sustainable option for the LEAF.

For some buyers, the LEAV plan is more affordable than the lease plan.

The LEAV leasing option is $2 a month, which starts at $25 per month.

But the $1 extra a month isn’t the best deal.

You can buy an EV for that much more money and still have the same monthly payment.

The new LEAV lease will cost you $30,000 for a vehicle that’s available in 2018.

You could buy the standard car for $27,000 and get the LEAP option, which costs $27.50 per month and comes with $1 an hour for all of your gas and electric energy use.

This will give you $32,500 a year.

It’s a great option for buyers who need the cheapest option and can save money.

You also can save $2 to $5 per kWh when you buy a car lease at a dealership, which gives you more flexibility for the purchase.

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