NASA, SpaceX and Orbital ATK announced Monday that they will expand the search for a private space launch company by adding new roles in the field of civil engineering.

The announcement, made in a memo sent to NASA’s workforce and shared with The Next Week, is the culmination of a three-year effort by the three companies to build an industry for commercial and government launches.

It marks the first time a space company has applied for a new job.

The next step will be to submit the details to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The three companies will work to make sure all positions are filled through a competitive and timely hiring process.

This will enable the companies to fill a critical gap in the market, said David Hahn, the head of the Space Exploration Technologies Program, the division that oversees NASA.

The companies also announced that they would expand the number of roles for engineers in civil engineering fields in the coming years.

They have already announced that engineers in aerospace, space, telecommunications and manufacturing will be among those hired.

This includes roles in rocket systems development and operations, space systems design, and other critical areas.NASA is currently hiring engineers for the Commercial Crew Program.

The agency’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program is the first in history to be led by private companies.

The program was created by NASA to build a human spaceflight vehicle for NASA and other international partners, and will enable private companies to send astronauts to the International Space Station.

“The future of NASA is looking bright, and it is the role of our nation’s space program to support the exploration of space,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in a statement.

“We have been clear that NASA’s Commercial crew program is not a blank check for private enterprise.

NASA will do everything it can to help ensure this future is realized, and to ensure we continue to be a leading global leader in science and technology.”

A NASA statement said that while all candidates must pass a background check, the most important aspect is that they be willing to work in the fields of civil and environmental engineering.

A list of the fields for the new roles is included in the memo.

In addition to the jobs that will be created in the new areas, the companies will also expand the scope of their roles in areas that will benefit from their expertise.

The companies will be able to take on roles in space systems engineering, environmental engineering, and mission control, the memo said.

The new roles will help address the “critical challenges” that the companies face, the space companies said.

The new roles also will provide opportunities for engineers to apply for positions in engineering programs that are already open at NASA.

The jobs will be part of the program for the commercial crew program, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

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