Engineers at a Chinese startup are working on a new type of automated cleaning system that uses computer algorithms to identify where contaminants and dust can be found and eliminate them.

A new patent filed last month shows how the company has created a robotic vacuum cleaner that can detect and eliminate dust and contaminants from floors, ceilings, walls and even ceilings, said Zheng Xiaoxing, founder and CEO of the Chinese company, which filed the patent in April.

The vacuum cleaner, called a “sensor-guided vacuum cleaner,” can detect up to 60% of dust on a floor, according to the patent.

The vacuum cleaner can also detect up by 70% on ceilings and can eliminate up to 70% of contaminates from the floor and ceiling, according the patent, which was first reported by TechCrunch.

The company says the sensor-guided robot can remove up to 1,000 micrograms of dust per minute, which would take an average person 30 minutes to do.

The system also includes an infrared camera and sensor for measuring temperature and humidity, according a patent filed in February.

The product is set to be in use in China’s first indoor vacuum cleaner factory by 2021, according China’s Central Television.

This technology will allow for the production of more efficient indoor cleaning machines, according Xinhua, which reported in May that China is set for a rapid growth in indoor cleaning as the number of people who live in cities and apartment buildings has increased.

The Chinese company’s vacuum cleaner is set up to use artificial intelligence to learn from user behavior and improve cleaning practices, according its patent.

The patent also mentions the technology could help clean floors in hospitals and other public spaces, with the vacuum cleaner using a sensor and camera to detect contamination.

The idea of a vacuum cleaner was a new one for Zheng, who came up with the idea when he was still a student at a local university in southern China.

The vacuum cleaning industry has been a hot topic in China as China’s population has increased to nearly 30 million.

The country has more than 4.5 billion people, according data from the Bureau of Statistics.

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