A video showing an artist’s concept of what a dog would look like as a child is attracting attention in the hopes that the artist can use it to create a dog pile.

In the video, the artist shows an artist creating a dogpiles of clay in a studio and then placing them in a field in the middle of a park, with each one placed at a different angle.

The artist then says the dogpils are meant to look like a kid, with the animal on top of the ground with the other piling in the foreground.

The video is one of many to feature the concept of a dog with various features, such as fur, horns, tails, claws, ears, a tail, and teeth.

A dog pilt is a popular and often very controversial concept, with many people seeing it as a way to remove an animal’s genetic makeup and remove any resemblance it may have to a human.

Many people have called it a form of child abuse, and animal rights groups have condemned it as such.

But artist and filmmaker Paul Stroud has an alternative view of the concept.

He says his video is not about removing the genetic makeup of a child.

It’s about bringing together a child’s imagination and the creativity of an artist, who is trying to create an art project that he believes is more human than animal.

Stroud told The Huffington Post that the idea came from his son, who was fascinated by dogs and wanted to learn about them.

He said he has been inspired by other artists’ work, and his son’s fascination for dogs led him to create the DogPile.

“I wanted to take my son’s imagination, his imagination of animals, and put it into this art project,” he said.

In his video, Stroud shows a dog sitting on a picnic table, which he says is meant to resemble a child playing with toys, then shows the dog piling on top.

Sturdy said the idea of a pile of clay and the dog in the background are intended to create “a childlike impression” of a puppy.

“The idea of having a dog in your backyard is a great one, especially with children,” he told HuffPost.

“But it also means that there are elements of the artwork that I’m trying to avoid.”

Stroud said he and his partner are in the process of getting a new home for the pile, and that they plan to display it on their property.

The project is currently being presented to the public, and Stroud said they are in negotiations with a property owner.

If you have any questions about the Dog Pile, check out this gallery and get in touch with the artist.

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