A computer engineer’s salary has increased by 12% since 2016, to $126,000, according to a survey by consulting firm Wunderlich Associates.

The median salary for the most recent full year was $125,000.

According to the survey, computer engineers with at least three years of experience earned the highest median salary at $126.1 million in 2018.

Computer engineers who have at least two years of software engineering experience earned an average of $126 million, and those with at most three years earned an even higher average of more than $132 million.

The median pay for a computer engineer was $107,000 in 2016.

But this year, Wunderheimer Associates said the median salary was $113,000 for the 10th consecutive year.

While the median wage has increased, the median pay of computer engineers who were in the top 10 percent of the population has not increased as much as the median of computer engineering salaries.

“There’s been a substantial decline in median pay since 2016,” said the survey’s lead author, Kevin Gentry, an associate professor of management at Wunderich Associates.

The average annual salary for computer engineers in 2018 was $106,000 according to Wunderheim Associates.

The median salary of the 10 top 10% of the country’s population was $104,000 and the median income of computer science graduates was $94,000 last year.

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