The strangeness of the world can also change the path that we take.

The new ‘Strange’ Engineering Car is a collaboration between Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz to develop a radical new approach to engineering that can redefine how we see, understand and drive.

The goal of the project is to build a new kind of car that is both beautiful and safe to drive, according to the new Ford design team.

The project was launched on Tuesday, and the first car will be delivered by the end of this year.

The team hopes to create a car that can be driven safely, yet simultaneously be fun to drive.

“This is an approach that we haven’t seen before,” said Jeroen van der Meer, senior director of Ford’s automotive engineering and design department.

“It is a completely new way of designing vehicles.”

Ford, which bought Jaguar Landrover in 2011, has been experimenting with unconventional engineering concepts for a while.

In 2015, it introduced the Ford Ranger concept, which had a new body shape that allowed for better body control.

It was also the first new car Ford had ever created.

In a video showing the new vehicle, a man is shown pulling a bike off a curb and pedaling it on a dirt track.

The bike then rolls around a large hill.

The concept was initially dubbed the ‘Ranger 2.0.’

The first prototype, a test version of the Ranger, was also called the ‘Beast.’

The new Ford ‘Strange Engineering Car’ features the ‘strangeness’ of the environment.

The vehicle’s styling and exterior designs are unique, and are inspired by the exotic environments of the Wild West.

The idea for the new car is to combine the wild, wild west, and modern, with the traditional American aesthetic.

The car is being developed for Ford by a team of designers led by Peter Mancuso, who has worked on a number of other Ford projects.

He says he’s looking forward to the challenge of creating something unique.

“I feel this is a new frontier in car design,” he said.

“The whole idea is that we’re going to do something really different and really new.”

Ford is also looking to get more involved in the development of the new design.

Mancusto said he hopes to get the Ford team to collaborate with other companies, such as Jaguar Land Rovers, to develop technologies to improve safety, reliability and emissions.

“There’s a lot of new technologies that are coming on the market, and we’re looking forward and excited to work with them to see what’s next,” Mancur said.

The company also hopes to build an even more sophisticated and sophisticated vehicle with advanced safety features, such a safety seat, more efficient aerodynamics and more powerful engines.

Ford will start the project with a prototype of the car that will be driven on public roads in 2019.

Ford has previously shown a car called the Explorer that is designed for the wild west.

Ford is hoping to sell the new Strange Engineering Car for $300,000, which is roughly the price of a new Jaguar XKR.

The next step is to bring the design to production, and will take four to six years.

Ford’s design team is also hoping to take advantage of a number other technology companies, including Mercedes-AMG and the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The Strange Engineering car is designed to take on all the challenges that car enthusiasts are looking for.

The vehicles will also be a great way to test how far the technology can go, said Jörg Binder, vice president of Ford Advanced Engineering.

“You have the technology, but the problem is it’s not a vehicle,” he told CBC News.

“We’re looking for this thing to be a vehicle that is not a road car.”

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