Posted November 12, 2018 10:20:03 The new-for-2018 Audi A4 comes with a slew of new technologies including the new 4.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine, which was previously available only in the Q5 and Q7 models.

In the A4, it now features a new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The A4 has also become the first Audi to offer an electric version of the A3 (which is now also available with a six-speed manual transmission).

All in all, Audi has gone from offering a luxury SUV to offering a sporty, luxury sedan, with a new breed of luxury.

“Our new model has changed a lot,” said Dieter Zetsche, Audi brand boss, in a press conference on Thursday.

“Its not just the new engine and all the technology.

Its the way it’s presented and the way the customer is going to experience it.

And in that sense it’s completely different.”

The new A4 is equipped with a range of technologies including a new six-cylinder engine, and new electronic stability control.

It’s a new version of Audi’s 4.4-litres twin-turbo V6, and it uses the same technology found in the all-new Q5 SUV.

But the A1 also has the same engine, while the Q4 is now available with an eight-cylindered engine.

All this adds up to an interesting new model.

For one thing, it’s still a sedan, even if the A2 is now called the A5.

“We have to give credit to Audi for bringing the sporty SUV model to the A series,” said Dr Zetschel.

The new Audi A5 is also a sports car.

“It’s a sports sedan,” he said.

“And I think it’s a very special model.

We want the customer to have that sense of adventure, because they’re going to be taking this car on the road.”

The Audi A1 Sportback has been renamed the A6.

“The A6 is the next level,” said Zetsch.

“If you have the A9 Sportback and you have a new technology in the car, you have to adapt to it.”

But what about the new Audi R8?

The R8 has been around for two decades, but it hasn’t received the same attention as the A7 or Q5.

It was originally introduced in 2009 as a concept vehicle, but in 2018 the R8 was launched as a production car, with Audi announcing the car would go on sale in 2021.

The R9 is a sport-oriented sports car, but the car is not a new car.

It first debuted in 2021, and Audi has now added the R9 to the range.

The car is a bit of a surprise, because Audi has previously been marketing the A8 as a luxury car, rather than a sport car.

But when the A Series first came out, Audi had been planning to introduce a sports variant of the car.

The only problem is, the A10 sports coupe is already a sports couper, and the R-Series sport coupe has already been launched.

Audi’s first R-series sports coupes have been a success, and now it’s time for the new model to take over.

What does the A-Series mean for sporty drivers?

Sporty driving is now an integral part of the driving experience, and this is the key to Audi’s strategy to stay relevant in the rapidly changing automotive landscape.

The introduction of the new A-series is the culmination of Audi pushing the boundaries of luxury and sportiness in the past.

The brand has gone out of its way to keep the A model as distinct as possible from the rest of the range, including a range-topping A4.

“You don’t have to look far to find the A models,” said Andreas Rauch, head of luxury, sport and utility products at Audi, in the press conference.

“So it’s the A car that makes sporty driving a thing of the past.”

In 2017, Audi’s luxury segment was hit by an avalanche of recalls and recalls.

“This is a wake-up call,” said Rauhts boss.

“People were not buying Audi as they thought, and they were not seeing their money go to luxury and the performance car.

This is the time to say: ‘We’re not going to do that again.'”

And that means Audi is making a lot of headway.

In 2019, the company made a loss of $3.9 billion.

That’s more than twice as much as it made in 2016.

“Audi made a lot from the A brand and from luxury,” said analyst Robert Schaeffer.

“They made a massive investment in the brand and that made a big difference.”

And as the brand gets more established, the challenge will be to keep that momentum going.

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