Conservative search engines are targeting conservatives to increase their traffic and engagement, a recent report from search analytics company Searchmetrics shows.

Searchmetrics analyzed a subset of conservative search queries on the Google search engine and identified them as follows:Searchmetric identified 3,700 conservative-focused search queries that accounted for more than 50 percent of the queries, the company found.

Those conservative search results are typically for news stories or news clips from Fox News, the Daily Caller, Fox News’ YouTube channel, the New York Times and other outlets.

The company also noted that conservative search traffic increased by 8 percent during the first six months of 2018.

Search analytics company Media Trackers analyzed a separate subset of search queries from search engine results pages that were similar to those generated by conservative sites.

In the search results, the data reveals conservative searches are more likely to come from Google’s search results and more likely are searched for in terms of the content they are interested in.

Fox News, Fox Business Network and Fox News Sunday accounted for about half of conservative searches, Media Trackings found.

SearchMetrics has previously analyzed conservative search requests for Fox News.

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