The Ford and GM are expected to announce that they will make a fleet of autonomous cars available to consumers on Oct, 5.

Ford will announce that it will offer a test vehicle to consumers as early as Oct. 3, GM will announce it will start selling a prototype vehicle by Oct. 7 and the rest of the auto makers will announce their own autonomous vehicle plans as soon as the next few weeks.

The news is expected to come as a blow to some of the companies that had been pushing the industry toward a fully self-driving future.

Ford and Tesla, for example, are expected on Oct., 5 to announce a car they call the Autopilot 2.0.

The car will offer the ability to steer, accelerate and brake without the use of a human driver.GM and Ford have been working on a fully autonomous vehicle for some time.

Both companies have been building autonomous cars in some capacity since the mid-1990s.

Ford has been working with a group of researchers in Michigan that developed the Autonomous High-Rise system, which uses radar and cameras to see cars ahead of them.

The technology is designed to be able to spot cars at high speed or slow down when it senses a car ahead of it.

It’s also used to help Ford detect if the driver of the car has been drinking.GM has also been developing a fully automated vehicle that uses radar, cameras and lasers.

The company is expected on Aug. 1 to unveil a prototype, called the “Self-Driving Chevy,” that will use radar, laser scanners and a radar-based radar-tracking system to avoid collisions with people and other vehicles.

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