A craigslist ad for an engineering position advertised for “engineers” has gone viral on the popular internet platform, attracting more than 1.2 million views in the last week.

The job description listed the position as “Engineer Intern” but did not provide a link for the position.

“If you’re looking for a job with an awesome and rewarding opportunity, look no further,” the ad stated.

The posting on the social networking platform has since been removed, but the search term remains active.

The ad was posted on December 19 and featured a picture of an engineer sitting at a desk.

The listing was not advertised in the listings section on craigslist.com.

According to a LinkedIn search of “engineering resume” on the same day, the job listing has since disappeared.

However, the posting did appear on the page of an engineering recruiter in May.

A Google search of the craigslist listing on December 22 did not reveal a link to the listing.

According a Facebook search of craigslist listings in May, the listing had been taken down.

“The engineering job posting was deleted and I can’t find the job on craitecommenter,” wrote one user.

“It’s been moved to another site.

I can tell you it’s been removed from craigslist,” wrote another.

However the listing still remains on the site, as does the posting of the same job on LinkedIn.

“I’m still getting a lot of emails from applicants that are interested in this position,” said Steve Cramer, the manager of recruiting at engineering recruitor, according to the Washington Post.

“But it’s not a job, it’s a promotion,” Cramer told the Post.

The craigslist posting on December 21 also featured a photo of an employee wearing a red hat and wearing an orange shirt.

The company’s logo was also displayed.

The position was advertised in engineering and was not specifically for engineering students.

A second post on the craigecomenter posting, which was removed from the site last week, listed the same position.

Cramer also told the Washington Times that he has not received any inquiries from employers.

However some employers have asked him to interview candidates with engineering experience, Cramer said.

“There’s not really a position available that requires that, unless you are a student,” Cramersaid.

“They’re looking to hire people with engineering skills.”

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