A man with a fishing rod and a little boat, a bit of gear and a lot of love has landed on the Lad Bible’s Top 10 Fishing Jobs for 2018.

The Lad Bible has named its 2017 list of the world’s most successful fishermen, which ranked 11th out of the 14,000 companies that reported their annual results.

For 2017, the Lad has also chosen to honor some of its favorite fishing jobs, including trawlerman, kayaker, angler and boatman.

“We’ve done a lot to promote the Lad as a family destination,” said David L. McAllister, president of the Lad’s parent company, The Lade Company.

“The Lad was established as a fishing village and the fishing community has supported it through generations.”

The Lad has become known for its traditional fishing and kayaking trips and the lure of its lakes and ponds, but Lade Co. is expanding beyond its traditional fish and fishing routes.

The company recently expanded its waterpark and added a restaurant, a bar and a barber shop.

McAllister said the company is also planning a series of new attractions, including a new kayak resort, an ocean-side playground and a new marina and wharf.

“The Lad is the perfect place for families, and the people that love the Lad are very, very generous,” he said.

“It is also a great place to have fun and meet new friends and people.

People can come and see a great adventure and the Lad is a great family destination.”

The Lade’s next fishing season, which will run through September, will be held on the river near Tunga Lake, and will include two days of boating and fishing.

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