By David JonesPublished 15 December, 2017 11:45:48A new group of engineers is being recruited to fill vacancies in the NHS, the health service and social care sector.

The government said this was in response to a recent surge in complaints about workers on low pay, the NHS’s long wait times and a shortage of medical staff.

In a bid to boost recruitment and improve patient care, ministers are investing in new technology to better detect and detect-able the problems workers face.

In a statement, the government said:”This is the first time since the early days of the NHS that a government department has commissioned a private company to conduct a systematic review of its staffing practices and identify which staff can be identified as being particularly at risk of falling into a recruitment gap.”

The government is committed to supporting and enabling those who are in the sector who are trying to find work and providing the support they need to move forward.

“We are committed to ensuring the best possible care and support for patients, particularly those who have serious health conditions.”

As a part of the UK’s commitment to delivering a modern and safe NHS, we have made it a priority to identify and address potential recruitment gaps.

“It is essential we keep on top of this recruitment surge in order to meet the demand for our patients, staff and services.”

The government also announced it will set up a £500,000 fund to help those who need to transition into the job market after being employed for two years.

The NHS and the health and social services minister, Nick Gibb, said the new group would be recruited to replace staff who have already left the NHS or are currently on their second contract.

“We know there is a huge gap in our staffing that needs to be filled,” he said.

“This new recruitment group will fill this gap.”

“We need to keep on the front foot to provide the best care for our people.”

Mr Gibb said the recruitment process would be transparent and open to all parties.

The new group will be tasked with “ensuring the best patient care and service delivery for the NHS” and will be responsible for identifying and identifying potential workers in the health, social care, finance and administration fields.

They will be paid a salary based on experience and qualifications, the statement said.

Workers in these areas will be able to move to the new role as they wish, if they so choose.

The UK Government is in the midst of a £9 billion expansion of the health care system, with an expected increase in the number of doctors and nurses over the next few years.

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