Posted November 03, 2018 14:20:00 When a plane crashes in the UK, there’s often a high-speed chase through the skies.

A pilot with a large crew is usually sent to pick up the wreckage and recover the passengers.

But sometimes it’s a different story.

The search and rescue operation for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 crashed on Friday afternoon (local time), killing all 217 people on board.

The plane had just taken off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a hub for international flights, when it went down, according to the British Transport Police (BTP).

Somebody noticed the tail lights of the plane were flashing and was able to call the airline to ask if it was safe to land.

It was.

Within minutes of the crash, the search and recovery team began searching for the plane, which had been grounded in the Netherlands due to bad weather.

There was a huge amount of debris on the ground, including wreckage from the plane’s engines and fuel tanks, but it was not clear whether any bodies were found.

A number of other planes also experienced similar delays due to fog.

More than 200 search and rescuers from around the world descended on the area.

Hundreds of people were flown out of the area and the airport was temporarily closed.

After the crash the plane landed safely at Kuala Lumpur, but a large search area was still established.

For those who missed the crash at KLIA, it was a big loss, and they were all pretty devastated by the tragedy. ABC/wires

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