Posted by ABC News Australia on Thursday, January 23, 2019 07:53:38What is engineering?: Engineering is a broad field of study that deals with the design, construction, manufacturing, and operation of electronic devices and machines.

The field is divided into two categories, physical engineering and mechanical engineering.

In terms of the design of a device, it is often necessary to combine physical and electronic components.

For example, a device may need to be able to transmit and receive signals from the outside world.

In physical engineering, engineers use a combination of techniques, tools and equipment to design devices.

In mechanical engineering, the design and operation is usually done by hand, using mechanical engineering equipment.

Mechanical engineers have traditionally been a more highly specialized field of engineering, with specific focus on engineering systems.

However, the field has expanded in recent years, with more students graduating from medical, aerospace and engineering colleges, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanics is an area of engineering that deals in the mechanical, electrical, electrical-circuitry and thermal properties of a system, as well as other materials and structures.

The focus of the medical, mechanical and aerospace fields of engineering is the engineering of biological systems, particularly in terms of human health.

The medical field focuses on designing new therapies, diagnosing, treating and monitoring the effects of disease.

The biomedical engineering field focuses more on studying how biological systems respond to different environmental, physical and biological factors.

Mechanic and mechanical engineers have specialised in many areas, including the development of mechanical and electrical devices, and their use in engineering projects.

The aerospace engineering field concentrates on aerospace technology, particularly aeronautical engineering and aviation.

The chemical engineering field deals with a wide range of topics, including materials and processes used in manufacturing.

Chemical engineers have a specialised knowledge of chemicals, which can include designing materials and process methods to achieve new uses of the same substance.

The mechanical engineering field has specialized in engineering the operation of materials.

For example, the mechanical engineer will use a variety of techniques to design and control a mechanical device, such as for example, for building bridges.

In electrical engineering, mechanical engineers can design and implement circuit designs and control devices for electricity transmission, distribution and distribution of energy.

In chemical engineering, chemical engineers can apply their knowledge of materials and methods to the design/engineering of a chemical, such a as for instance, for example for producing chemicals for the manufacture of chemicals for biomedical use.

For more information, visit the Department of Engineering and Science website.

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