LISBON, Portugal — For the first time in his presidency, Donald Trump is turning to the political junkie for help, signing a decree to create a national cargo cult of political conservatives.

The “cargo culture” of the president’s Cabinet, a group of people who have built a reputation as loyal followers, has grown to include at least two Cabinet secretaries and a Cabinet secretary’s son-in-law.

The group of like-minded conservatives is led by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, a former aide to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who is now the White House chief of staff.

It includes Priebus, House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Senate majority leader, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Mick Mulvaney and White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway.

“We’re the party of the people.

We want people to know that, as far as we’re concerned, it’s about the people,” said Mulvane, the former Republican National Committee chairman.

The Cabinet members have formed a loose alliance around the president, who has praised them for their devotion to the president and their work as his political advisers.

In recent weeks, they have formed an informal White House caucus, the C-caucus, that has gathered regularly to strategize on policy and strategy.

“You have this very small group of very, very dedicated people who are going to be loyal to the President and to him personally, and who are committed to doing the right thing, and to the country,” said Ryan.

The caucus is not affiliated with the White Houses Office of Public Liaison or the White Senate Office of Management and Budget.

“They’re loyal to him, they want to help the President,” Ryan said.

“And so the Caucuses, we’ve got them to thank for their loyalty.”

It’s a dynamic that is likely to continue for a long time.

Aides and Cabinet secretaries often refer to the caucus as the “cabinet.”

The C-Caucus is comprised of a few dozen Cabinet secretaries, according to one source familiar with the group, and it is led and controlled by Priebus.

And its members have been a major driving force behind the administration’s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, with many of them lobbying for the Trump Administration to support the repeal efforts.

Priebus, in turn, has been instrumental in the creation of a new White House leadership team with the support of some of the Cabinet members.

The new group, which is made up of the new Cabinet members, has come under increasing pressure to embrace the Trump agenda.

The Caucuses have come under increased pressure to back the president.

Trump has been pushing the Caucus to take a more liberal approach on the Affordable Care Act, a policy that has been the chief concern of the caucus and has been a central component of its support for the president in the campaign.

“I’m not saying we’re all on the same page,” said Rep. Mark Sanford, R -S.C., who chairs the C-.

“But the caucus is going to have to take the lead.

The Cabinet has to get on board.

We’re not going to go in the other direction,” he said.

Priests and Ryan also have taken on more responsibility within the White, pushing for an increase in the number of Caucuses on the Hill, a senior administration official told POLITICO.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Cabinet was not yet officially named, said the administration was planning to have two Caucuses of its own in the coming weeks.

“The Caucuses are going in a different direction,” the official said.

A key element of the Whitehouse Caucuses has been an effort to build a more diverse and inclusive cadre of conservatives who are eager to join the administration.

That effort, first proposed by Whitehouse Chief of Counsel John D. Podesta, a longtime GOP operative and donor, has gained momentum in recent months as Priebus has worked to attract more women to the Cabinet.

In the past few months, some Cabinet secretaries have taken a hard line on issues that are not necessarily aligned with their personal beliefs.

A few Cabinet secretaries even joined the caucus, in an effort not to alienate other conservatives, a White House official said, speaking on condition of being anonymous.

Priest has been outspoken about the need to “make America great again” by repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act.

In an interview with Fox News last year, Priebus said the ACA has done more to drive down health care costs in the United States than any single federal program, and argued that it would hurt the country economically.

He has also argued that Republicans need to be more aggressive in the fight against the Islamic State group.

“As far as the president is concerned, Obamacare has been very successful.

But it’s the failure of our country, our economy, to go

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