Police have found a diesel engine in the petrol cylinder of a Delhi police constable killed in a gun battle with a man who later killed himself.

The Delhi Police registered a case of culpable homicide against the accused after the constable was shot in the head on Saturday night.

The body of Dinesh Yadav was recovered from a field near the police station on Sunday evening, said Anil Kumar, the district police officer in the city’s Gulbarga area.

The constable, aged in his 50s, was on duty at the station at the time of the attack on Sunday night.

According to the FIR, the accused was returning from a nearby pub when he was approached by a man and he shot him dead.

Police suspect the suspect was the accused’s brother, who is in jail on charges of allegedly killing a police construit in December 2016.

The accused was arrested on Monday.

The deceased was identified as Rajesh Yadav, 26, a resident of Delhi’s Gulpura area.

The FIR filed in the district court says the constables had been out on patrol on Saturday evening when they encountered the accused, who they thought was a passenger in a car.

He had left his home in Gulpuru and was going towards a nearby village when he got into an altercation with the constees.

The accused fired at the constrees, killing one of them.

Police said the suspect fled the scene and was arrested by the police.

A gun battle took place after the police arrived and they resorted to firing on the suspect, who was also killed.

Police say the accused has been identified as Pradeep Yadav and the FIR says he has been arrested for culpable murder.

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