On a typical Friday afternoon, more than 2,000 search engines churn through the millions of pages of results that the Google search engine generates daily.

That’s more than a billion searches a day.

But on Friday, a group of conservatives were on the search engines’ radar.

They were watching the site of the conservative Republican Party of Texas for the first time in years.

And they wanted to know why.

After they watched conservative talk radio show host Laura Ingraham, they wanted more information.

“I just want to see what is the deal with her,” said Jim Ragan, a former chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

“I mean, I don’t want her to go in the public eye.

I don,t want her, I know, to come out and say anything.

I mean, she is very popular.”

So Ragan and his colleague, former chairman Michael Baca, started a new search engine on Google, conservativesearch.com.

They wanted to find out if they were going to get the answer they were looking for.

“We don’t even know if we are going to find it,” Ragan said.

But, when they launched the site, they didn’t expect that it would take off like it did.

“There was no way that the site would generate the kind of traffic that it has,” Ragoas said.

Ragan, Baca and other conservatives say they have never seen anything like it.

It is an odd phenomenon for a conservative news site to generate so much traffic.

But in the last few weeks, conservative search engines have seen a surge of traffic from conservative activists and conservative groups that want to get on Google’s radar.

In addition to the traffic from conservatives, some of the sites that have been active on the site include the conservative news and commentary site The Blaze, the conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.

Ragoas says that some of his friends are going on the sites to get their news.

“The site itself is really not the reason that we are doing it,” he said.

“It’s really not.”

But some conservatives are worried about the future.

“What is the point of having a search engine if it’s not going to give you a result?” said Michael Wiese, a Texas Republican.

“You’re going to search it for you.

If you don’t like what you find, you can go back and look at it.”

In an interview with ABC News, Breslin, the former chairman, said the site was a way for conservatives to communicate and get more conservative news.

The site, which is run by the conservative think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is not registered as a conservative organization, and Breslian said he did not know if it would ever be registered.

Ramon Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Competitive Enterprises Institute, said they did not receive any funding from the conservative group.

But Breslain told ABC News that he did get money from the Competitive Industries Council, an organization that advocates for conservative policies.

The conservative groups are concerned that the search engine is targeting conservatives.

“This is a conservative search tool, and this is a liberal tool,” Ragonas said, referring to conservative websites.

Ragonas believes that conservatives are getting caught in the web of the Google algorithm and are being unfairly targeted.

“They’re being treated as the bad guys,” he told ABC.

“They’re not.

They’re not.”

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